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Educator Resources

We partner with college counselors, learning specialists, and educational consultants so they can better support their students. The resources below are yours to use and share with your community.

General Information

ER-Test Prep
ER-Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning & Study Skills

How it Works

How It Works

We customize our resources based on individual school needs, but many of our partners choose to leverage our resources in a few of the following ways: 

Practice Tests

Our live, proctored practice tests can be offered in-person or virtually, and for free or as a fundraiser for your school. Counselors receive a detailed results report and families receive a free score analysis and the opportunity to go over it with an expert. 

Parent nights

What's the deal with the new SAT? Is there a way to help my daughter be less stressed out? As former school teachers, we're no strangers to the tough questions parents ask educators. We've created our informative presentations to help you address some of parents' most common concerns. 


We're aware that tutoring and test prep are not always financial feasible. From free self-study resources to up to 75% financial aid for tutoring, we partner with educators to open more doors for their students. 

Curriculum & Instruction

From teacher trainings, to licensable curriculum, to school specific group classes, we provide schools and districts with the tools they need to support their students in a community specific and fully customized way. 

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