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Reading, writing & research support

Writing, reading, and research projects designed to build critical thinking skills and college candidacy

college ESSAYS & Personal statements

Our writing and admissions specialists implement a proven process that enables students to shine on their personal statements and admissions essays. 

Admissions insights

Our brainstorming and storytelling process was ideated by a former Ivy League Admissions Director, and our tutors receive training on the types of stories and statements that appeal to college decision-makers. 

live sessions

 Students generally need 3-4 sessions for their first essay. In each session, they workshop drafts for content, tone, and language with their tutor. This ensures that stories are told in a student's voice while also ensuring their essays stand out in an admissions office.  

structured brainstorm

Some students have overcome challenges they want to write about but struggle to tell their story. Other students assume they have no story, in which case we help them find one. Either way, the first session is a structured brainstorming session that results in a vetted idea for an initial draft.

Team feedback

Two heads are better than one, and for something as important as college essays, four heads can be better than two. Drafts are reviewed by a Marigold writing specialist and admissions specialist in addition to a student's tutor.

Deadlines & accountability

A student's first assignment is to draft their essay and send it to their tutor at an agreed-upon time before the next session. This trend continues throughout the program as we implement deadlines and proactive check-ins.

Ongoing support

An initial brainstorm can yield several stories, so we ensure students understand how to tell them for future essays. If a student chooses to continue tutoring for subsequent essays, they generally need fewer sessions.

We also support students with summer programs and job applications, interview prep, and resume building.
College Applications

structured reading

Reading during downtime is a proven way to build comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills. It's also an opportunity to explore interests that aren't covered in a traditional classroom. 

In our structured reading programs, expert tutors help students choose books that appeal to their interests and curiosities. Through collaborative discussions, exploratory writing prompts, and accountability check-ins, students learn to love reading and the power it unlocks. 

research & community based projects

Research and community-based projects that demonstrate passion, skill, and curiosity are some of the best ways to stand out to colleges, but many students don't know where to begin. 

Our subject matter experts support students with everything from the ideation to the showcase of research and enrichment projects, ensuring sparked passions and sparkling college applications.
Reading, writing, and research support is $200 per hour and customized to meet your needs. Students generally meet with their tutor once or twice per week for 60 to 90 minutes. There are no session minimums, and tutors proactively check in with students to provide accountability and feedback outside of sessions at no additional cost to your family. 

To learn more about supporting your student, please schedule a free consultation.
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