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Organized Backpack

Study skills & executive functioning coaching

A personalized system of live sessions and accountability check-ins that empowers organization, time management, and confidence. 

Our Approach


& Diagnostic

Executive functioning coaching is a highly personal process, which is why every family receives a free consultation and optional cognitive assessment.

accountability Check-ins

In addition to live-sessions, Marigold Prep’s coaches proactively check in with their students several times per week to establish accountability and build consistency.

Goals, Systems, Redundancies

By setting goals and systems a student can "touch and feel," like prioritizing time-sensitive demands, we celebrate wins and build confidence efficiently.

Metacognition & Self Control

​Once students are effectively managing their day to day, we develop less tangible skills like metacognition and self-control to enable long term and autonomous success.

Our Approach
What we cover

What we cover

Our executive functioning coaches and tutors arm students with the following tools to help them transition to high school, college, or a new academic year: 

Time Management

We help our students develop strong calendar and reminder systems using tools they are familiar with, resulting in fewer late assignments, less procrastination, and more efficient days throughout summer and beyond. 

asking for help

New school years or learning environments likely mean new resources, and a student transitioning to high school or college may not be familiar with on-campus systems of support. We help students identify these resources and develop self-advocacy skills to make the most of them. 


Triaging assignments and breaking down tasks into manageable chunks helps our students minimize stress and maximize efficacy. As academic rigor increases and the weight of tests and assignments change, understanding the difference between urgency and importance is integral to student success. 

Physical Organization

A clear mind starts with a clean space, but that can be forgotten in the excitement of having a first locker or dorm room. We help students understand and take control of the benefits of having an organized backpack, locker, study area, and digital space.

Study Skills & Remediation

Our educators tutor all major high school and college subjects, while emphasizing strong study habits and efficient note-taking techniques. This is critical to transitional success if a student has fallen behind their peers in a given subject.

coping mechanisms

Procrastination and avoidance can damage a GPA, but they are often symptoms of something bigger beneath the surface. Generally stemming from anxiety, exhaustion, or self-fulfilling prophecies, we help students understand the "why" behind these habits and the strategies to face them.

FAQ & Contact

Who is this program for?

Transitional tutoring is for middle school students transitioning to high school, high school students transitioning to college, or any student who needs support preparing for the new school year. Each program is tailored to an individual student's needs, because every student adapts to change differently. 


How is the program structured?

Students generally meet with their tutor once or twice per week for 60-90 minutes per session. In addition to live session time, tutors proactively check in with their students 3-5 times per week to ensure accountability and consistency. 

What tangible results can I expect?

We always start by developing skills and systems a student can "touch and feel," like calendaring and prioritizing upcoming tasks. We do this because 1) telling someone to get organized for the sake of getting organized is ineffective and 2) this should result in a tangible increase in good habits and confidence. 

In helping students learn to manage their day-to-day we enable long term, less tangible skills like internal motivation and metacognition. Our goal is to generate and celebrate wins quickly while empowering autonomous and sustainable student success

How does this fit in with subject tutoring?

Sometimes grades suffer from a lack of time management or study skills. Other times they suffer because students don't understand the subject matter. Most often, they suffer from a combination of both. Our academic experts provide feedback on what is a study skills issue vs a content issue and tailor instruction accordingly. The Marigold team can tutor for all major high school and college subjects to ensure no academic gaps at the start of a new school year. 

Can my student start tutoring before they have school assignments?  

No assignments, no problem. Students almost always have something on their summer schedule, and it can be advantageous to learn task management with lower stakes. For example, how can we avoid the last minute scramble to pack for family vacation? How can we start organizing physical and digital spaces now, so a student has ownership over them by the start of the school year? What can we learn from habits that emerged last year to set a student up for this year? 

Many families also take advantage of structured reading, writing, or research assignments that are developed and implemented by a student's tutor. These are curated based on a student's academic needs and interests and can be worked into a college application, portfolio, or resume when relevant. 

What's the cost?

Transitional tutoring is $175 per hour. This covers live session time and 3-5 "accountability checks" per week.

Question not answered above? Reach out below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours! 

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