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SAT & ACT Preparation

Private tutoring, semi-private tutoring, and practice tests for the SAT & ACT.*

*We also tutor for the SSAT, ISEE, HSPT, SHSAT, TACHS, and various graduate admissions exams. 
Please contact us to discuss options.

Our Approach

Consultation & Diagnostic

We recommend starting with a complimentary consultation to discuss your student's testing history, goals, and timeline. If your student has yet to take a diagnostic, they can enroll in our free, proctored practice tests that are offered every weekend.  

Expert tutors

All Marigold Prep tutors score in the 99th percentile on the SAT and ACT and have been tutoring virtually for at least 5 years. This means that, in addition to being experts on the SAT/ACT, they are masters of connecting with and motivating teenagers in a virtual learning environment. 

customized programs

There's no one-size-fits all in test prep, which is why we customize programs for each student.  By taking goals, schedules, and budget into careful consideration, we provide private, semi-private, and hybrid options designed to meet the needs of your entire family.

proprietary curriculum

With decades of experience in SAT/ACT preparation, our proprietary curriculum covers both the content and nuanced strategy required to do well on these tests. Proven to support all types of learners, we expertly tailor our curriculum based on student need. 

Our Approach
Test Prep Options

Test prep options

One-on-one tutoring

Our most customizable option, private tutoring focuses exclusively on your student and their specific goals and needs. 

Best For:

- Students looking to gain more than 100 points on the SAT or 3 points on the ACT. 

- Students with a starting score above 1250 or 26.

- Students with learning differences, accommodations, or who learn better in an individualized environment.

- Students with unpredictable scheduling needs


Private tutoring schedules are based on student needs and availability, and include evening and weekend options. In general, students meet with their tutor for one or two 90 minute sessions per week for 3-6 months. We have no session minimums, meaning students can meet as little or as much as they need. 

Tutor Match:

 We hand pick your student's tutor based on their academic needs, learning style, and personality. Our tutors are experts across the entire exam, meaning your student will work with one tutor on all parts of the test. 


$200 per hour. We bill at the end of each month, after sessions have been delivered. 

Getting Started 

Please book a free consultation so we can better understand your student's needs and recommend an appropriate schedule, timeline, and tutor.

SEMI-private tutoring

Personalized prep programs for 2-3 friends and/or siblings with similar starting scores, goals, and/or academic backgrounds.

Best For:

- Students who have friends or siblings they'd like to start test prep with.

- Students looking to gain about ~100 points on the SAT or ~3 points on the ACT. 

- Students with a starting score below 1250 or 26.

How it works: 

Semi-private tutoring is usually customized for groups of 2-3 friends and/or siblings with similar starting scores, goals, and/or academic backgrounds. ​If students wish to learn in a group but do not have anyone to join them, we may build a class with other students.

Tutor match, schedule, and curriculum are tailored to needs of the student cohort. If students require more personalized attention, they can supplement semi-private sessions with private sessions. 


2 Students: $250 per hour

3 Students: $275 per hour

Cost is split evenly between families and we invoice individually. Please contact us to discuss groups larger than 3 students. 

Getting Started

Please book a free consultation so we can better understand the needs of your student cohort.  If your student does not have anyone to join them, we'll gather the necessary information to place them in a group of students with similar needs.

FAQ & Contact

How do I know which option is best for my student?

We strongly encourage you to book a complimentary consultation so we can learn more about your student and recommend a program that best suits their needs. 

How do you track student progress?

In addition to tutoring sessions, we expect students to take a practice test about once per month. We generate an in-depth analysis of their results, including time per question and performance in specific sub-sections of the test. Not only does track this track overall progress, it gives us a real-time diagnosis of where students are improving and where they need more attention. 

Outside of sessions, what will be expected of my student?

In addition to monthly practice tests, students can expect about 40-60 minutes of target homework per week. This can be a dedicated test section, drills for specific question types, or exercises to build strategy. ​

Outside of sessions, what can I expect from my student's tutor?

You will receive weekly progress reports from your student's tutor that summarize progress, action items, and areas of opportunity. For private tutoring students, we encourage parents to join the last 15-20 minutes of sessions once per month, generally after a practice test.

Your tutor and the Marigold management remain in close communication with you and your student throughout the program and respond to all questions, concerns, or logistical requests within 24 hours. 

Will my student work with one tutor for their entire program? What if it is not a good fit?

Students work with one tutor in both group and private programs. We require tutors to score in the 99th percentile on all sections of the tests, meaning students don't have to bounce between tutors for each subject. This enables a holistic and strategic approach to improvement, and seamless communication between your tutor and your family.

For private tutoring, we take your student's academic needs, learning style, personality, and feedback into careful consideration when matching them with a tutor. We almost always get it right, but stay in close communication throughout the program. If, at any point, your student feels they need to switch tutors we will pair them with someone new based on your feedback. A first session with a new tutor is complimentary. 

What if my student has a learning difference and/or tests with accommodations?

We have several tutors on our team with extensive training and experience working with neurodivergent learners and students testing with a wide variety of accommodations. Our curriculum can be customized to meet their specific learning style, and we offer practice test opportunities with accommodations. Marigold Prep's founder, Cassie Brown, is neurodivergent and we are passionate about providing opportunities to students who think a little differently. 

My student also needs to pull up his/her grades. Will this help?

Yes! Much of the content and study skills we teach in test prep apply to class work, and we often see increased grades and confidence as a result. Additionally, our test prep tutors teach a wide array of academic subjects. When students need dedicated support for an academic class in addition to test prep, we pair them a tutor who can help with both. ​


Question not answered above? Reach out below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours! 

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