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Marigold Prep's
Data Driven Score reports

Drawing on data from thousands of students' tests and insights from our SAT and ACT experts, Marigold Prep provides the most precise and actionable score reports in the test prep industry. 

Our digital test engine replicates the College Board Bluebook app and times students on each question. This allows us to show students exactly where their biggest opportunities are, based on speed and accuracy, and how to leverage that data to reach their goal scores.

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Par Time: A relative and personalized approach to time management

Different questions take different amounts of time on standardized tests, and a student targeting a 1500 may need to manage their time differently than a student targeting 1200.  This makes time management one of the most personalized and integral strategies on the SAT/ACT, and preparation should be approached accordingly.


Our team has analyzed the performance of thousands of students to determine the correct "par" time for each question, for each baseline and goal score.This enables us to personalize your score report to an unprecedented extent and allows you to know how much time to should spend on each questions to reach your goal scores. 

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