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Summer 2021 & Transitional Tutoring

Summer provides unique opportunities for exploration but can easily slip away without a plan. Our Summer & Transitional Tutoring Programs provide structure during breaks, nurture skills that can be forgotten, and equip students with real-world readiness as they transition to high school, college, or a new academic year. 

Image by Sanah  Suvarna

Habitat Architecture

It’s amazing how quickly free-time can turn into screen-time without good habits. We combine expertise in developmental psychology, social-emotional learning, and executive-level project management to build airtight foundations that support school year success.

Math Formulas and a Calculator

Academic Maintenance

It's common for students to have gaps in subjects from previous school years, especially years like 2020-2021. We have developed proprietary techniques to catch students up, keep concepts sharp, and teach subjects ahead, ensuring a strong start to high school, college, or a new academic year.

Image by Link Hoang

Summer Skill-Builders

Summer is the perfect time to learn a new skill, give back to your community, or simply read for pleasure. Every Summer & Transitional Tutoring Program includes access to our Summer Skill-Builders, creating opportunities for project-based enrichment and expert-level support.

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