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Digital SAT Resources

Beginning in March 2023, international students will begin taking the SAT as a fully digital exam. The PSAT will follow suit in October of this year (2023), while the US SAT will go fully digital in March of 2024. This means if your student is graduating in 2025 or after, they will likely take a Digital PSAT or SAT. 

Where to Begin: 

Resources to help you understand, practice for, and master the Digital SAT. 

Take a Deeper Dive:

Explore samples of our diagnostics and curriculum for the Digital SAT.

We combine thousands of student results with our expert insights to deliver precise and actionable score reports. 

Data-driven insights derived from our score reports allow us tailor or proprietary curriculum based on student needs.

Our pre-recorded video lessons provide students with digestible skills and strategy they can "touch and feel". 

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