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Preparing to Return to In-Person Class

After what feels like eons, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for this pandemic. As teachers, grandparents, and even a few friends have begun getting their long-awaited shots, it’s clear that pretty soon a more “normal” version of school is not far behind. And if you’re one of the many students who struggled this last year with online classes (or just missed seeing friends everyday in the hall), this change will come with its own set of challenges. So read on for tips to help get through that readjustment period and build back a stronger academic plan.

It Still Won’t Be Entirely “Normal”

Although schools might be reopening soon (or already have in some areas), don’t assume that it will be just like it was before Covid. You more than likely will be wearing a mask all day for the time being and encouraged to avoid hugging or sitting next to friends as much as possible. Many students and teachers might also be hesitant to allow people to get closer than six feet, so be mindful that not everyone is comfortable being in close quarters with people outside their homes yet.

Socializing is a Skill We’ve all Stopped Practicing

While even the most introverted among us cannot wait to go out and socialize again, don’t be surprised if you find your people skills might be a bit rusty. Having spent nearly a year separated from the general populace means we all might find it challenging holding a conversation with friends, speaking up in class, or not feeling completely exhausted by the end of the school day. Give yourself space and patience as you reenter society and know that within a couple of weeks you might start feeling back to your old self.

Start Getting Organized NOW

Experts still aren’t fully certain how the pandemic has impacted learning over the last year, but it’s safe to say that pretty much every student will find they have a few gaps in their learning as they return to classes. To help avoid the tidal wave of classwork and learning on the fly, start figuring out what topics you will need to brush up on now. That can mean getting used to writing out your assignments in a planner everyday, reviewing math concepts online or with a tutor, or just putting together your backpack each night so you’ll be ready for school in the morning. Don’t forget to start going to bed early again so you aren’t caught drooling on your desk in first period!

As the dark winter of this pandemic is slowly melting into a return to life, we will all find some odd quirks we’ve developed in the year-plus of isolation. But that doesn’t mean having to ride a rollercoaster of changes and adjustments. If you can start retraining both your schedule and brain, you will find it easier to adapt to in-person classes, closed-book tests, and everything else from those long-ago BC (before-Covid) times.

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