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Parent Nights & Practice Tests

Parent Nights &
Practice Tests

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Additional resources for Marin Catholic families

Visual DSAT Guide

Digital sAT Corner

The PSAT goes digital and adaptive this fall, and the SAT follows suit March of 2024. Explore our free resources to help you understand, prepare for, and master the new format of the test. 

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free webinars

Join us on Sunday evenings as we discuss everything from test optional admissions to academic anxiety, and how to help your student navigate an increasingly competitive pre-college landscape. 

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PSAT Workshops

Whether your student is targeting National Merit qualifying scores or looking to learn more basic strategy, our targeted PSAT workshops help build skill and confidence for this year's new, digital PSAT.  

Practice test faq

Practice Test FAQ

Who are Marigold Prep's practice tests for?

Marigold Prep’s practice tests are for any student who is interested in being exposed to official test material in a proctored, but unofficial setting. First-time test takers, seasoned veterans, and everyone in between can benefit from the process.  


Where does Marigold Prep source practice test material? 

Marigold Prep uses official material from The College Board and ACT. Practicing with official material is the most effective way to prepare students for an official test. 


Can I take a practice test with accommodations? 

We will be proctoring for time and a half, in addition to standard time, during the dates listed above. Please select to test with time and a half during registration, and we'll make sure you are advised accordingly on test day. 


When will I get my scores? 

Upon completing their exam, students will be prompted to email pictures of their bubble sheets to A detailed score report  like this will be sent back the Monday after testing. 


Who sees my scores?

That is completely up to you! This is not an official test sitting, meaning colleges will not see these scores. Once you have your score report you can share it with a family member, college counselor, or anyone else of your choice. 


What if I cannot attend one of the dates listed above?

Let us know! We host virtually proctored exams throughout the year, or we can send you a copy of a test and set you up with our digital proctoring tool. 


What’s next? 

Every student enrolled in a practice test can take advantage of a complimentary score report review with a test expert. We’ll discuss strengths, areas of opportunities, and a potential plan for an official test.

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