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Study Night

Self-Paced Test Prep for the sat & ACT

Customized curriculum, data-driven diagnostics, and direct tutor support personalized for your students and their test prep goals

Our SElf-Paced Prep Program Includes:

Personalized Plan of Action

Every student is given a personalized plan of action to help them meet their goals,  with scheduled benchmarks and progress checks to maximize accountability.  


The plan is based on data insights provided by practice tests, goal scores and schools, student schedule, and current coursework.

Unlimited Proctored Practice tests

Our practice test platforms provide industry-leading data insights to student's strengths and areas of improvement.


This allows the student to stay focused on the most attainable point gains and provides data-driven feedback throughout the test prep process.

Direct Tutor Access

Self-paced students have access to our "Ask-a-Tutor" program, which provides direct tutor access via email. This takes the isolation out of self-study, and prevents students from getting "stuck" on challenging concepts and strategies.


All questions are answered by a Marigold expert within 24 hours, weekends included.

Parent & Educator resources

Student success can be a team effort, which is why we prioritize opportunities for parent and counselor education. 

Through live parent nights, teacher trainings, and weekly blog posts, we help parents and counselors understand the tests, their roles in the admissions process, strategies to support students, and more. 

Proprietary Workbooks & Videos

Our proprietary workbooks and hundreds of instructional videos are the ultimate study guides, covering everything from basic content to nuanced test strategy. 

Students receive access to our full workbook and video library, and their personalized action plan tells them how to make the most of it based on their needs. 

Personalized Reminders

Even highly motivated students struggled to maintain accountability during self-paced programs, which is why we provide personalized reminders and progress check-ins. 

This includes reminders for completing study drills, taking practice tests, and registering for official tests. 

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For Your School

For Your Students & Staff

If you are interested in learning more or purchasing seats for your students, please fill out the form below.

We also offer professional development and curriculum licensing opportunities to schools and counselors who provide test prep internally. 
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