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The classroom has been re-invented many times over the past year and a half, and students have faced unprecedented inconsistencies. As change becomes more constant, skills like self-awareness, time management, and cognitive flexibility are integral to student success.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are executive functioning skills? 

Executive functioning skills enable us to self-regulate, plan, and focus. Harvard backed research describes these skills like an air traffic control system helping multiple planes land and take off safely at the same time. Just like the air traffic control system, executive functioning skills allow us to initiate, organize, and shift focus between multiple tasks fluidly. 

What do challenges with executive functioning skills look like? 

If you struggled with adjusting to a new routine when you started working from home, then you’ve experienced challenges with executive functioning. This is because the normal processes we relied on to manage our behavior were no longer in place. For the modern student, whose brains are changing as rapidly as the world, these challenges can manifest as late assignments, disorganized spaces, or an inability to manage their activity load. 

What does executive functioning support look like?

The process outlined above (Skills Assessment, Goal-Setting, Habit-Building, Accountability & Agency, Reflecting & Adapting) is our tried and trusted approach to executive functioning skill development. Meetings generally take place 1-3 times per week and session time is spent practically applying our process to a student’s current circumstances. This could be looking at big picture deadlines and working backwards to prioritize, strategically implementing tools that enable organization, or developing study habits that promote Socratic Learning


Are executive functioning skills the same as study skills?

We think of study skills as a subset of executive functioning development, but not as the same thing. Executive functioning skills regulate behavior, while study skills help students process information. When students need study support, we develop skills like note-taking strategies, mnemonic devices, and testing techniques. Generally speaking, almost every executive functioning student benefits from study skills support, and vice versa. 

What types of students benefit from executive functioning support?

All types of students can benefit from executive functioning support. We work with traditional learners targeting top colleges and juggling heavy activity loads, to students with learning differences who need personalized support developing fundamental systems.


What tangible results can I expect from an executive functioning program? 

While executive functioning skills can manifest in long term, intangible ways, we know achievable milestones are an integral part of both short term confidence and big picture success. We work with you to create scaffolded goals for your student around grades, organization, confidence, and task management. We provide full transparency with an update after each session, as well as monthly family meetings to review progress and reevaluate goals.

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