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College essay writing

Using processes created by a former Ivy League Admissions Director, our college essay tutoring provides students with expertise, structure, and accountability during the rigorous application process. 

How it works

Our writing and admissions specialists implement a tested process that enables students to shine on their personal statements and admissions essays. 

Admissions insights

Our brainstorming and storytelling process was ideated  by a former Ivy League Admissions Director and our tutors receive training on the types of stories and statements that appeal to college decision makers. 

live sessions

 Students generally need 3-4 sessions for a first essay. In each session they workshop drafts for content, tone, and language with their tutor. This ensures that stories are told in a student's voice, while also ensuring their essays stand out in and admissions office.  

structured brainstorm

Some students have overcome challenges they want to write about, but struggle to tell their story. Other students assume they have no story, in which case we help them find one. Either way, a first session is a structured brainstorm that results in a vetted idea for an initial draft.

Team feedback

Two heads are better than one and, for something as important as college essays, four heads can be better than two. Drafts are reviewed by a Marigold writing specialist and admissions specialist in addition to a student's tutor.

Deadlines & accountability

A student's first assignment is to draft their essay and send it to their tutor at an agreed upon time before the next session. This trend continues throughout the program as we implement deadlines and  proactive check-ins.

Ongoing support

An initial brainstorm can yield several stories, so we make sure students understand how to tell them for future essays. If a student choses to continue tutoring for subsequent essays, they generally need fewer sessions.     

How it works

FAQ & Contact

Who is this program for?

Our college essay tutoring is for students in the summer between their junior and senior year and the fall of their senior year, or for any student applying to college within the year.  

If your student is not applying to college but would like to start developing college level composition and comprehension skills, we take a similar approach to structured writing, reading, and research projects. Contact us to learn more.

How is the program structured?

Students generally meet with their tutor once per week or once every other week for 60 minutes. In addition to live sessions, tutors proactively check in with their students between sessions to ensure timely progress and accountability. 

A first essay generally requires 3 to 4 meetings and subsequent essays generally require 1 to 3 meetings. 

Do you help students build their college list?

We intentionally do not touch the college list because many of our students are referred to us by college counselors that advise on and mange college choices. Our goal is to give students the tools they need to turn their college "wish lists" into realities. 

If you are looking for guidance on college choices we are happy to provide you with a list of trusted college counselors. 

What can I expect from college essay tutoring, aside from a polished college essay?

In addition to a polished college essay(s), our brainstorming and story-building process helps students establish college-level composition skills, task initiation techniques, and self-awareness. 

What's the cost?

Each 60 minute meeting is $200 and covers all out-of-session time reviewing drafts, providing feedback, and ensuring accountability. 

Question not answered above? Reach out below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours! 

Essy Faq
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