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Live, Virtual,

2 day SAT BootcamP

two, 2-hour group sessions to build skills, strategy, and confidence for the SAT 

$199 for 4 hours of live tutoring, our proprietary SAT curriculum, and unlimited access to a library of prerecorded video lessons. 

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How do the days and times work for the SAT bootcamp?


Students should pick one "Day 1" option and one "Day 2" option from the drop down lists above. They will have the following times to chose from:


DAY 1:

February 19, 10am-12pm CT
February 19, 4-6pm CT 
February 20, 6-8pm CT


DAY 2:

February 26, 10am-12pm CT

February 26, 4-6pm C

February 27, 6-8pm CT

What if my student can only attend one day of class?

If your student can only attend one day of class, please select "Prerecorded" on Day 1 or Day 2. We will send them all curriculum materials and a pre-recorded video of the day they cannot attend.

What does the SAT Bootcamp cover?

Students start by learning the overarching skills and strategies that allow them to navigate the SAT more effectively, then dive deeper into the nuances of the test. This includes, but is not limited to:​

  1. Gaining insights into how the exam makers design test questions, which allows students to stay one step ahead. 

  2. Developing a plan of attack when it comes to reading and annotating passages, understanding questions, and navigating distracting answer choices on the Reading section.

  3. Learning the fundamental skills and nuanced language rules that are necessary to succeed on the Writing section.

  4. Understanding best patterns and practices when it comes to interpreting the notoriously tricky questions of the Math section.

  5. Identifying a time management and pacing strategy that enables students to not only survive, but thrive during a long exam! 

Do we receive anything in addition to the live, virtual classroom instruction?

Yes! In addition to two 2 hour sessions, student receive access to our SAT curriculum and practice problems, and a library of prerecorded video lessons that cover the basics of the SAT.

What are the payment details?

Our SAT Bootcamp is $199, and credit card information is required to enroll. 

How do I know if the SAT Bootcamp is right for my student? 

Give us a call at (415) 237-3377 or book a complimentary consultation here! We can discuss your student's testing history (if any), goals, and needs to help determine if a group, individual, or customized hybrid program is appropriate.

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